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Perks of Working with a REALTOR®: Buyer Addition

As a buyer, you stand to save yourself quite a bit of time and headache when you choose to work with a REALTOR. Here are five reasons why:

1. They know the Process

It’s time to look for your next home. What’s the first step? Rather than having to draw up the checklist on your own, your REALTOR is your guide. From choosing a lender to finding the right home inspector and even selecting a title/closing company, they’ll help you navigate through the process and remind you to complete each task.

2. They’re in the Know

Property searching is a full-time job. Your REALTOR knows what’s out there, and they’ll be sure to do extensive research on what properties provide what you’re looking for. They’ve already seen a lot of these properties and can guide you as to what’s worth looking at, saving you time and study.

REALTORS talk, a lot. They often even have insight as to what’s not even on the market…yet. Knowledge like this is invaluable when it leads to you finding your dream home.

3. “Have you thought about…”

Most of us could use a little advice, and your REALTOR will likely have plenty. REALTORS are aware of things a buyer might not see. While a buyer may notice a small cosmetic issue, your REALTOR knows what bigger problems a blemish might indicate. They’re also educated on things like zoning, codes and HOAs, which can have a huge impact on your decision.

4. Paperwork

Legal jargon, initial here, check this box – what does it mean? Your REALTOR deals with these documents every day and stays up to speed on changing laws and rules. They know how to pick apart disclosures and will negotiate in your best interest. Ultimately, your REALTOR keeps this daunting process running smoothly.

5. Support

It’s more than a house. While searching for a home is exciting, a lot of nerves come with this type of investment. Having a REALTOR means you aren’t alone in navigating this commitment.

Sure, you could do it on your own. But why would you want to? Find your REALTOR® today.

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