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5 Interior Design Trends of 2020

What a year. With all these days spent at home, we’ve had plenty of time to take in the room around us. Here are some of our favorite interior design trends of 2020.

  1. Earth Tones

The light side of these colors make spaces feel open and airy while darker hues add a cozy touch. Think cream, brown, and any other soft, natural shade the world supplies. A light-colored couch with a pop of rust in a throw blanket or pillow is the perfect place to start. Mix and match, these colors don’t clash.

  1. Jewel Tones

Maybe earth tones aren’t right for you. No worries, there’s a bolder option. Seek inspiration in your jewelry box. A velvet, emerald green couch or a citrine yellow lamp shade will make your space feel fun, yet sophisticated. If you’re really looking to change your style, go big. Paint those walls and soften with neutrals.

  1. Florals

Put them everywhere or use them sparingly. It’s up to you whether this trend makes a subtle statement or is the focal point of a room. Either way, they’re in. We’ve loved seeing the use of a bold floral wallpaper, especially as an accent wall. Does your bathroom feel drab? Try it there, too.

  1. Live Plants

While we’re on the topic of flora, get yourself some greenery. No green thumb? No problem. There are plenty of low-maintenance options. Snake Plants and Pothos require little attention but a lot of beauty to your space. If you have pets, consider that some plants can be poisonous to them. A little research goes a long way in finding the right indoor plants for you.

  1. Wicker

We hope you kept that old peacock chair your mom wanted to throw out, because it’s back. Loving the look but not sure how to use it? Switch out your dining chairs for vintage inspired rattan backed seating. This material is the perfect way to soften a space that may feel a little too formal. These texture fits in just right with the earth and jewel tones we mentioned.

Ultimately, your space is your expression. Don’t feel intimidated when following new trends, you can always change your look down the road. Have fun with it and, most importantly, decorate the way you want.

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